Jeepney Charms (made to order)
Jeepney Charms (made to order)
Jeepney Charms (made to order)
Jeepney Charms (made to order)

Jeepney Charms (made to order)

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About the Product

The members of Anakbayan Scarborough personally handcrafted these charms, each imbued with its own unique design. The materials are recycled plastic. Each charm and magnet is handmade and one of a kind, requiring them to be made to order. Please note that there might be small imperfections as a result.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, customers will receive varying charm colours.

    No to Jeepney Phase Out

    Jeepneys are an iconic and valuable form of transportation in the Philippines, crowned as the “King of the Road” It's a wild, lively, and bold creature, adorned with flashy decorations and painted in bright colors, roaring through the streets nationwide. While it may seem chaotic, it perfectly embodies the spirit of the entire nation.

    Under the PUV Modernization Program, the government wants to push forward the replacement of traditional jeepneys, including old public utility vehicles (PUVs), with foreign-made modern PUVs that cost Php 2.5 to  2.8 million per unit. The Marcos Jr. government is planning to phase out jeepneys, putting the drivers and citizens who rely on them at risk of losing their jobs and access to transportation. Say No to Jeepney Phase Out!

    100% of the profits from each sale of this product goes to the families of Jeepney drivers as their jobs and livelihoods are now at risk due to the Jeepney Phase Out.

    Anakbayan Scarborough

    These charms are curated and designed by Anakbayan Scarborough - a newly formed chapter under Anakbayan Canada and Anakbayan Toronto composed of youth activists based in Scarborough.

    ANAKBAYAN (Youth of the Nation) is a national democratic comprehensive mass organization of the youth that aims to arouse, organize and mobilize the youth workers, peasant youth, students, young professionals, out-of-school youth, migrant youth, Moro youth and other national minorities youth, and young women for National Democracy and to unify this movement with the powerful movement of the toiling masses.