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Revolutionary Women of the Philippines by Stef Martin

In this blogpost, four revolutionary women from different walks of life in the Philippines will be featured. This post is dedicated to women who have been silenced, who are being silenced, and who continue to fight for the liberation of all. This is for them, for us, for you.

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Sulat Kay Nanay (Letter for Nanay)

Throughout this week, we've been celebrating Mother's Day by listening to our community and honouring their stories. We did this by asking 12 Pina/xys to write a letter for their Nanays or a Nanay in their lives. We present to you - Sulat Kay Nanay.

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Reclaiming Pinay Identities: Why I #WearPinay

In the face of colonial forces that seek to keep Filipina women down, this Pinay Collection is a powerful and necessary act of defiance. For so long the narratives of Filipina/xs have been shaped by people other than us. Our colonizers and other oppressive forces have rendered us quiet, submissive, subservient, and inferior. All the things that I – and many of the Filipina/xs in my life – are not.

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