Palayain ang Palestine

The "Palayain ang Palestine" collection is created in solidarity with Palestinians and as an act of resistance against the settler colonial genocide of Palestine.

Filipinos are no strangers to foreign occupation, colonization, and resistance. As Filipinx/a/os in the diaspora, we have a direct and nuanced connection with the Palestinian People’s struggle. Our commonality lies within colonization, tying us all in the influence and harms of Western imperialism. The pursuit of justice and national liberation in the Philippines is intricately intertwined with the global struggle of oppressed communities worldwide, including Palestine.

It is our duty to sustain solidarity, recognizing that our fight for liberation is interconnected with that of other oppressed communities. Supporting Palestine's right to exist, claim their land, and resist oppression aligns with our own aspiration to be free from the remnants of colonization as Filipinos. We are not free until all of us are free.

For more resources on Filipino and Palestine solidarity, please check out the following:


100% of the profits from this merch collection will go to Palestinian mutual aid efforts, including Little Gaza in Quezon City, Philippines, and supporting the Khattab family in getting Khaled and Tareq out of Gaza. For the updated donation amounts and transparency report, please check out this link.