In Support of Jeepney Workers

Over the past months, the Philippines saw an overwhelming number of Filipino Jeepney workers calling for an immediate halt to the unjust implementation of the Public Utility Vehicles Modernization Program (PUVMP).

The Marcos Jr. government has been pushing for a forced consolidation of Jeepneys and set a new deadline of April 30, 2024, despite the vehement protests from workers and commuters nationwide. If continued, this program move effectively coerces individuals to surrender their franchise rights, disproportionately impacting those who cannot afford the exorbitant costs of modernization, thus risking their livelihoods.

The financial burden imposed by the modernization program, with modern Jeepneys priced at over PHP 2 million, is an unfair and unrealistic expectation for drivers and operators who earn an average of just PHP 2,000 (35 USD/49 CAD) per day. This stark contrast in costs places an overwhelming strain on the marginalized and vulnerable sector, further widening the gap of inequity.

The PUVMP caters more to the interests of big business owners, as only those with substantial financial capacity can comply with the requirements. Traditional jeepney drivers, operators, and workers, who provide an essential public service, are left to bear the brunt of this unjust policy.

All sales from items in this collection will donate proceeds to transport movements and organizations in the Philippines, including Piston and Tanggol Pasada Network.To learn more about the impact of the PUV Modernization Program to the Filipino people, check out our blog here and the following resources: