At Pinay Collection, we aim to create ongoing spaces that solidifies community building and care. Every month, we host events that gather community to learn skills, share stories, reflect on our experiences as Pina/xys and (re/un)learn about Black and Indigenous solidarity building.

We believe that lack of funds shouldn't be a barrier to education and community building, which is why all of our events are either for free or in a Pay What You Can basis, in which case all proceeds are donated to grassroots organizations in support of Filipino, Black and Indigenous communities.

Below are our upcoming events and their registration links:

Usap Tayo Pod: Black Histories & Futues: A Discussion on Black-Asia and Exploring Anti-Black Racism in the Filipino Community


Within the past 8 months, we've hosted discussions around Anti-Inidgineity & Anti-Black Racism in the Filipino community. Through these conversations, one thing became evident:

This type of spaces needs to happen on an ongoing basis in able to actually do the work of deepening our understanding and acting towards Black and Indigenous solidarity. This work is not just a trend. This work is a lifetime commitment.

So here we are, committing to creating a monthly pod that focuses on (re/un)learning about Anti-Black Racism and Anti-Indigineity within the context of Filipino community. We invite you to share space, (re/un)learn with us, and sit through uncomfortable, yet very pressing conversations.

Join us on our next pod, on Saturday, January 30th at 6 PM EST, in support of Raven Trust, an organization that takes on fundraising for groundbreaking challenges in partnership with  Indigenous Nations. In this session, we will continue the conversations on Indigenous land-based education and the connections between Indigenous sovereignty and land, and what this means for Filipina/o/xs in the diaspora. We will be approaching this topic as settlers, and non-Indigenous Filipina/o/x people. 

Tagalog Calligraphy Workshop, Registration details coming soon

This workshop will offer a creative safe space that will allow Filipina/xs to unpack, reflect on and reconnect with their identity among community. Through learning ball point/ faux calligraphy, participants will reclaim and learn Tagalog words creatively in a space where we can all talk and share about our unique narratives as Pina/xys.

In this 2.5-hr online workshop, participants will each receive the following:

  • A virtual Calligraphy Workbook
  • Practice sheets
  • Post-workshop feedback forms
  • 15% off code that can be used towards purchase of any merchandise through

Please note that this is an online event and that more details will be posted once registration becomes available.