In Support of Pinay Political Prisoners

Free Our Sisters Free Ourselves (FOSFO) is an international campaign, under GABRIELA, against the political persecution and repression of women activists and human rights defenders in the Philippines. It was relaunched in 2022 after successive arrests of GABRIELA leaders. Currently, over a hundred women are political prisoners in the Philippines, with most of them coming from the peasant class. Marites Coseñas, Annabelle Quijano, Nerita De Castro, Corazon Javier, Jean Estiller, Digna Aquilino, Karina Dela Cerna, Amanda Echanis, and other women who stood up and fought for a better future should be freed. They are the women, like many others, who despite the limitations imposed by society on them, are capable of fighting for their rights and against tyranny. Free our sisters, free ourselves! Free all political prisoners!

15% of the profits from this collection will go towards the work of FOSFO, funding food, medical expenses, legal expenses, and other basic needs for women political prisoners in the Philippines.