In support of Filipino Farmers

Sugarfolks' Unity for Genuine Agricultural Reform (SUGAR) is an organization based in Batangas whose mission is aimed at the preservation of the sugarcane and sugar industry. Its work supports Sugarcane planters and workers in the Philippines, advocating for their rights to fair livelihoods.

As a social enterprise that has spoken out against land grabbing and advocated for the rights of Indigenous communities, land defenders, peasants, and farmers in the Philippines, Pinay Collection stands in solidarity with all sugarcane planters and farmers facing exploitation.

We're thrilled to announce SUGAR as our newest community partner, dedicating a portion of our proceeds to support their important work. 15% of the profits from every item in this collection will be donated to Sugarfolks' Unity for Genuine Agricultural Reform.

For Filipinos in the diaspora, Filipino food is our primary connection to our culture. But the farmers and workers who grow FIlipino food ingredients are struggling. Greedy corporations squeeze them for profit, pushing them off their land. To truly understand and appreciate Filipino culture, we must honour, advocate for, and fight alongside the people who are the backbone of Filipino food.