Kababaeng Tao Tee
Kababaeng Tao Tee
Kababaeng Tao Tee

Kababaeng Tao Tee

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Beyond the Word


For this new collection, we’re reclaiming the phrase “Kababaeng Tao” roughly translated as “You’re a woman and yet…”

Kababaeng Tao pero maingay. You’re a woman and yet you’re loud.

Kababaeng Tao pero nakabukaka. You’re a woman and yet you sit with your legs open.

Kababaeng Tao pero pasaway. You’re a woman and yet you just keep breaking the rules.

“Kababaeing Tao” is used to define us and ultimately exclude us, isolating those whom our society has denied the identity of a woman, including our trans and queer kapatids.

"Kababaeng Tao" is wielded as a weapon against our guilt, confining women to a box labeled 'proper', ‘submissive’, and 'nice'. Pinays deserve dignity and respect for who we are, not for conforming to some mold.

But no more. At Pinay Collection, we're committed to reclaiming what's been unjustly taken from us. We're unapologetically devoted to embracing and healing from the wounds inflicted by patriarchal words. We're determined to reclaim the identity we've always defined for ourselves, even if it's been disregarded by those around us. For far too long, the narratives of pina/xys have been dictated by voices other than our own. But now, we declare with conviction: 

Kababaeng kong tao at marunong akong lumaban. I am a woman and I know how to resist.

15% of this collection will be donated to the Free Our Sisters, Free Ourselves (FOSFO) campaign - an international campaign under GABRIELA, against the political persecution and repression of women activists and human rights defenders in the Philippines. Learn more about FOSFO by checking out their Facebook page.

Product Features

  • 100% Heavy Cotton Shirt
  • Color: Forest Green

Care Instructions

Our designs are heat-pressed onto fabric. To ensure they last a long time, please only wash and tumble dry inside out. If you need to iron, only iron on the backside of the clothing. Wash in cold & hang to dry to prevent shrinking and fading.

Size Chart (in inches)

  • Length is measured from the highest point on the collar down to the bottom hem.
  • Width is measured across the body of the shirt, one way. 

Unisex Sizing

 Size Width Length
S 18 28
M 20 29
L 22 30
XL 24 31
XXL 26 32
3XL 28 33
4XL 30 34

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