Ingat Palagi Tee (Limited)
Ingat Palagi Tee (Limited)

Ingat Palagi Tee (Limited)

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Ingat palagi translates to Take care always.

Filipino significance of the word Ingat: “Ingat became the word of goodbye, replacing the old “sige”, during the martial law years. It was the last word uttered between and among those meeting to discuss what had to be done, in ways big and small, to end the Marcos Dictatorship. It was said with all the love and respect one was capable of. Because chances were one would meet again only in a prison cell, or a torture house, or at a wake.” - Ninotchka Rosca

Ingat - a word so thoughtful and endearing that also represents triumph and resistance.

The front left chest design says "Ingatan natin ang isa't isa" which translates to "Let us take care of each other." The back design is a banig (weave) illustration by Jovie Galit. In this design, “Ingat Palagi” embodies the interconnectedness of community care, the tenderness of caring for one’s self, and the privileges we hold now as Filipinos because of the work of the revolutionaries that came before us.

15% of the profits from each sale of this product goes to Sugarfolks' Unity for Genuine Again Reform (SUGAR). SUGAR is an organization advocating for the rights and livelihoods of Sugarfolks' and farmers in Batangas, Philippines. Learn more about this partnership here.

Product Description 

  • Color: White
  • Our designs are heat-pressed onto fabric. To ensure they last a long time, please only wash and tumble dry inside out. If you need to iron, only iron on the backside of the clothing. 
  • Wash in cold & hang to dry to prevent shrinking and fading.

Size Chart (in inches)

  • Length is measured from the highest point on the collar down to the bottom hem.
  • Width is measured across the body of the shirt, one way. 

Unisex Sizing

 Size Width Length
S 18 28
M 20 29
L 22 30
XL 24 31
XXL 26 32
3XL 28 33
4XL 30 34

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