Filipinos for Palestine Stickers
Filipinos for Palestine Stickers

Filipinos for Palestine Stickers

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 Palayain ang Palestine translates to Free Palestine.

"The Filipinos for Palestine and Pinoy Pride for Justice and Liberation stickers were created in solidarity with the people of Palestine and other oppressed people in the world. Filipinos are no strangers to foreign occupation, colonization and justified resistance by any means necessary. 

The Philippines was colonized by Spain for 333 years, occupied by Japan for 3 years during World War II and colonized by the US for 50 years but continues to be a neocolony of the US. As Filipinos, we share the struggles of colonization and displacement with the people of Palestine as we have a common enemy. Our struggle for justice and national liberation in the Philippines is also inextricably linked to the global struggle of all oppressed people in the world. It is supporting their right to exist, right to their land, and right to resist.

When we talk about Pinoy Pride, we must acknowledge our history of colonization and resistance. Taking pride in being Filipino is to take pride in fighting for what is right and just. It is extending our Filipino value of Kapwa (the obligation to be with others) to those who are being unjustly and violently oppressed by colonizers. We are not free until all of us are free."

- Stef Martin

Sticker size: 3 inches x 1.5 inches

100% of the sales from these stickers will be donated to the Philippines-Palestine Friendship Association. For details on how funds are donated, please check out this transparency report.

About the Artists

Stef Martin is a queer Filipino community archivist born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines and currently based in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada.

Jovie Galit is a Filipina immigrant from Nueva Ecija, Philippines. She is a hand lettering artist and the founder of Pinay Collection, currently residing in Tkaronto/Toronto.

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