Solidarity Work

Partnership with Grassroots Community Organizations

Since 2020, we've forged partnerships with Filipino and QTBIPOC community organizations to raise funds for their impactful work. Our collaboration with organizations in the Philippines also aids in bridging the solidarity gap between diasporic and homeland Filipinos. We are endlessly thankful for the work these organizations do in building and sustaining dignity and justice for the Filipino people and the communities they serve. 

Below are some of the organizations we've had the honor of working with over the years:


The 'Usap Tayo' Pods 

From 2020 to 2022, we hosted 7 sessions exploring Anti-Oppression, challenging Anti-Indigeneity and Anti-Black Racism. These 'Usap Tayo' Pods facilitated deep (re/un)learning discussions and actions for Black and Indigenous solidarity.

Resources: Access our living library of readings, videos, podcasts, and more, compiled by Karla Danan, Jovie Galit, Ashley Morford, and Kaitlin Rizarri in June 2020. Special thanks to them for their knowledge, dedication, and efforts in sustaining these spaces. Their commitment to accessible and community-driven learning adds immense value. Maraming Salamat—thank you.

Explore the following additional resources stemming from this work,  including this blog.