Pekpek Power Tote Bag

Pekpek Power Tote Bag

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Beyond the Word

Before reading the narrative below, here's an important reminder that being a woman, a Filipina, does not necessarily mean having a Pekpek (Vagina). 💖


As a young Pina/xy growing up, how many of us have been shamed by talking about our period? How many of us were associated to being mataray, suplada, or maldita just because it's that "time of the month"? How many of us have not learned about safe sex and sexuality at a young age because it's a topic that's deemed shameful? And because talking about our Pekpeks is deemed makasalanan (sinful)?

The creation of the Pekpek Power merch is definitely something we're extremely proud of. Kaya let's go! Help us normalize these conversations. Help us empower our Pekpeks!

Product Features

  • Beige/off-white, 100% natural cotton canvas
  • 12L gusseted bag
  • Dimensions: 14 x 16 inches; 9" drop

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