Kayumanggi Tee
Kayumanggi Tee

Kayumanggi Tee

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Beyond the Word:

"You're going to laugh, as a kid I literally thought the word Kayumanggi meant "magic" or "magical" or "enchanting". I don't know how I even got to this conclusion as a young child, maybe because the word itself written out or verbally said...it sounded like a fantastically magical thing. It sounded like something that bore a lot of meaning, like the word itself was alive with untapped stories.

And I know that all sounds cheesy, but it wasn't until my 20s I learned what it meant - "brown skinned". Here I was thinking the majority of my life that it meant one thing, but maybe I did get it somehow right as a young child. Being brown is magical." - M.M.

Product Features:

- White with a minimalist and original hand drawn floral design

- Short-sleeve classic tee featuring ribbed crew neckline

- Each design is individually heat pressed and inspected for quality

- 100% cotton, pre-shrunk for fit



*Sizes are in women's sizing. To special order unisex clothing for no extra cost, please send us an email at hello@pinaycollection.com"

Small - Waist (W): 17 in; Length (L): 25 in

Medium - W: 19 in; L: 26 in

Large- W: 21 in; L: 27 in

Extra Large - W: 23 in; L: 28 in

XXL - W: 25 in; L: 29.5 in