Ingat Palagi Tote Bag
Ingat Palagi Tote Bag

Ingat Palagi Tote Bag

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Ingat Palagi translates to Take Care Always.

Filipino significance of the word Ingat: “Ingat became the word of goodbye, replacing the old “sige”, during the martial law years. It was the last word uttered between and among those meeting to discuss what had to be done, in ways big and small, to end the Marcos Dictatorship. It was said with all the love and respect one was capable of. Because chances were one would meet again only in a prison cell, or a torture house, or at a wake.” - Ninotchka Rosca

Ingat - a word so thoughtful and endearing that also represents triumph and resistance. In this collection, “Ingat Palagi” embodies the warmth of community care, the tenderness of caring for one’s self, and the privileges we hold now as Filipinos because of the work of the revolutionaries that came before us.

It is a message we are putting out there in hopes to manifest more spaces and communities where we deeply care and advocate for each other; and love one another wholly for who we are, for all that we stand for - especially for those of us who embody representations that this society have labeled unwanted. May this message build kinship and care. Ones that are deeply grounded in connectedness, acceptance, and justice.

When you support this collection, you’re also supporting Bahaghari & GABRIELA Philippines. 20% of the sales of this tote will go to these incredible organizations fighting for LGBTQ+ and women’s rights in the Philippines.

Product Features

  • Black, 100% natural cotton canvas
  • Dimensions: 14 x 16 inches; 9" drop

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