Ingat Collection

Ingat Collection stands for vulnerability, tenderness, and of course, care. Unlike all our other collections that encourage us to be bold, this collection pushes us to be unapologetically soft and tender. It inspires to embrace care in many layers, whether it be for ourselves and/or for our communities.

But don’t get us wrong! This collection STILL represents resistance. It embodies resistance against the misogynistic societal preference of not showing emotions, of not addressing our mental being, of minding our own business - instead of looking after our community. This collection represents resistance against the voices around us that deemed us unworthy or not Filipino enough. It also represents resistance against our own voices that, at some point, helped internalized these feelings of inadequacy and doubt.

Kapatid, our hope is that when you wear these pieces, you feel the embrace of home and the warmth of a community that sees you for who you are. Maraming Salamat for your ongoing support. 

P.s. When you support this collection, you’re also supporting Bahaghari & GABRIELA PhilippinesFor as long as this collection exists, 20% of the sales will go to these incredible organizations fighting for LGBTQ+ and women’s rights in the Philippines. Maraming Salamat to our Kapatids at Bahaghari and Gabriela for being a vital part of this collection!